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2017 Regional Housing Study: Population & Economy

The Lake of the Ozarks Regional Housing Study represents an in-depth study of the housing conditions in Camden, Miller and Morgan counties, as well as Laclede County. The communities of the study area display unique personalities and housing challenges. The study examines the unique situations of each county and the major population centers within those communities, using this analysis to derive common themes that can be addressed by cooperative actions. Keep reading to learn more about the housing study and the results that were found.

Why a Housing Study?
As the Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council (LOREDC) assembled economic development plans and initiatives for the region, housing came up frequently as a major economic development factor. To be successful, the area must provide a variety of housing types. While the area has successful attracted a growing population, housing has not exactly followed the same trend. More and more communities are realizing that q…