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The LOREDC Housing Study Is Underway

As we discussed in our December blog, the Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council (LOREDC) is conducting a Lake of the Ozarks Area Housing Study. It is our hope and desire than an effective housing study would assist local government, builders, developers, lending institutions and other interested parties solve the housing concerns of the Lake of the Ozarks region.

Business Owners' Issues
The following scene is all too familiar for local business owners: an employee lives in a community 30 miles or more away from the Lake because they can't find quality and affordable housing near their job. Eventually that person finds a job closer to their home, leaves the Lake area and thereby forces that small-business owner to raise additional capital to retrain a new employee only to see this chain of events repeat over and over. Small business owners, as well as many people who work in these businesses could see this housing issue become a distant memory if LOREDC achie…