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New Quality of Labor Study at the Lake of the Ozarks

Assessing the Workforce at the Lake of the OzarksThe Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council (LOREDC) commissioned a
Workforce Assessment to obtain a measure of the Quality of Labor in Camden, Miller, and Morgan
counties. The purpose of assessing the workforce is to provide employers with labor information
necessary to make better-informed decisions for private investment that minimizes risks for hiring,
retaining, and developing the workforce. Further, to support quality economic growth, this data provides local officials information to promote a better understanding on the competitive realities in today’s workforce market, to develop the strategies for improving the skills, quality and availability of its workforce, and to enable the Lake of the Ozarks counties and its employers to better compete at all market levels.

Some Highlights of the Assessment
A total of 28 business firms completed the online Workforce Assessment. This represents a response