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2016 Economic Development Activities Overview

In 2016, the Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council was busy with several projects and programs in addition to the many ongoing activities. LOREDC programs and activities are based on the fundamental goal to proactively lead and initiate economic growth to the Lake of the Ozarks through cohesive and cooperative representation, while complementing efforts of the individual communities of the region. Keep reading for an overview of last year's LOREDC accomplishments.

Regional Housing Study 
In early 2015, LOREDC partnered with RDG Planning & Design to develop a comprehensive Lake of the Ozarks Housing Study to outline the current housing conditions and address the housing needs of Camden, Miller and Morgan counties. LOREDC understands how housing development affects the economic forces of the community on both a local and regional basis. The housing study was completed in 2016 and was made possible because of the many business and community financial partners a…