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LOREDC Annual Membership Meeting & Business Award Winners

The LOREDC 2017 Annual Membership Meeting was held on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at The Lodge of Four Seasons. During the meeting, members of LOREDC and the local community presented updates on financials, membership, marketing, the housing study and more.

Meeting Agenda
After a nice buffet breakfast, Time Jacobsen, LOREDC President called the meeting to order. There was an approval of the minutes, as well as a financial report. Tim Jacobsen then provided the membership update. Lori Hoelscher presented the marketing committee update. Following those updates was the LOREDC Grant Recipient Presentation by Mayor Olivarri with the City of Osage Beach. Jeff Hancock gave us a housing study update. Then Representative Diane Franklin offered a legislative update. Lina Conner of the Council of Local Governments gave us an update on the council and their efforts. Next was the presentation of awards, followed by LOREDC Board of Directors Nominations and the Election of LOREDC Board of Directo…