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2017 Regional Housing Study: Housing Demand in Morgan County

The Lake of the Ozarks Regional Housing Study represents an in-depth study of the housing conditions in Camden, Miller and Morgan counties, as well as Laclede County. In last months blog we looked further into the housing demand for Camden County. This month we'll build on the housing demand and dive into Morgan County characteristics.

A PROFILE OF MORGAN COUNTY Morgan County, while located in the Lake Region, has a distinct character where the natural landscape transitions from relatively subtle at the north to more mountainous near the Lake. Further, unlike many of the communities closer to the Lake, which are service centers for Lake residents, both Stover and Versailles function as more traditional rural population centers. These population centers are home to families and those employed in agricultural industries and local manufacturing with some Lake-oriented service businesses. In these areas, much of the demand for housing is for workforce rental and ownership options and …